A. McGuire's Collection of Unfinished Ink

The Strange Goodnight

Goodnight Ghosts

There is one question that helps make up the human existence: Is there life beyond death? Many people subscribe to a religious community that promises the reward, or the punishment, of life beyond death. But outside of the eternal rest, there are many accumulated stories of ghosts, and other restless spirits, that haunt our homes and our imaginations.

A ghost can take many forms, and often manifests a very active after-life in a variety of ways: visual apparitions, poltergeists, banshees, electronic voice phenomena (EVP), dream apparitions, and even 50-foot tall marshmallow men.

I spent a small amount of time hunting ghosts in my college years, but I don’t normally go out anymore. My general belief is that there is an afterlife. When I die, I don’t want a bunch of hooligans marching over my resting place as I am out in the great beyond. Also, coming from a pretty Catholic upbringing, there could be far fouler and darker things than ghosts wandering the planet, and it may be better to leave those things be, too.

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