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The Strange Goodnight

Goodnight Missing People

Can someone truly disappear? I mean one second you see a person you care for and the next they're gone. As if they dissolved into air, and there is not a thing anyone can do about it. Search parties are called, dogs are brought in, but in the end, nothing is solved. There are hundreds of cases of people disappearing in the country's national parks, and there is no recorded list, nobody to turn to when a loved one is gone, and no closure.

Missing people cases make up a unique corner of the unknown world. Unlike things like UFO's or Bigfoot, these are real people and we know they exist, or at least existed. In fact, with all the missing people cases that aren't directly tied the unknown realm it doesn't seem fair to call use the title missing people.

The author David Paulides has done extensive research into a series of indicators in his book series titled The Missing 411. We talk a lot of those indicators in the episode, but an hour-long conversation can never actually be representative of the time and strangeness that Paulides covers over the course of multiple books. Paulides never really points guilt at anything, he just lays out patterns. Some cases could be dismissed, but others are truly bizarre.

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