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The Strange Goodnight

Goodnight Sasquatch

Sasquatch: A 7+ foot tall bipedal ape creature covered in hair, most commonly identified by its 24-inch signature trademark footprint. In 1967, the Patterson-Gimlin film showed the world the most clear images to date of a female Sasquatch (Patty) enjoying a nice stroll by California's Bluff Creek and brought the Bigfoot craze to a fever-pitch that continued into the 1970s. The film has been hailed as the world's best cryptozoological evidence, and also as the best example of how hot a rabbit-pelt suit appears on a summer day.

However, world-wide sightings throughout history appear to support  something more than men in gorilla suits or even frozen gorilla suits in refrigerators. Bigfoot stories can be traced to many countries' legends from its indigenous peoples and even have ties to the many tales of tricksters preying on human beings. Bigfoot has been attributed to everything from wild people to missing links between man and ape to extra-dimensional beings that are guardians of nature on earth. Other notable aliases include: Skunk Ape, Ohio Grassman, Yeti, and the Yowie.

As technology progresses, it seems more and more unlikely that there could be a secretly sustained population of giant, hairy people. On the other hand, there is a lot of forest, and how many creatures do we know exist but never see in our lifetime? Just like with UFOs, many people have seen something akin to the Sasquatch, and not all of them can be crazy. I also feel that with some of these sightings coming from hunters and other trained outdoorsy folk, there can't be a real case for mass misidentifications. New species are found all the time - what would it hurt to study this further and continue the progression of science?

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