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The Strange Goodnight

Goodnight UFOs - Pilot Episode

UFO - Unidentified Flying Object: A UFO is an unknown object in the sky that can't otherwise be explained. The UFO craze started with Kenneth Arnold's sighting on June 24, 1947. While flying, Arnold witnessed about nine unidentified objects by Mount Rainier. He estimated their speed at around 1200 miles per hour, and he described them as moving like saucers skipping over water. This is where the phrase "flying saucer" comes from, but the objects were not described as saucer shaped. Nevertheless, it hasn't stopped the widespread sightings of flying discs in the sky. The long and twisted story of UFO's has found its way into popular culture and is the basis from everything from conspiracy theories to new age beliefs that a powerful shift in consciousness is on humanity's horizon. UFO's come in many shapes and varieties: saucers, triangles, diamonds, orbs, flying wings, flying humanoids, and clusters have all been used to describe this world-wide phenomenon.

We've all heard stories of saucer men visiting the planet, but these occurrences have more to them than most people think. This is not something where a bunch of hillbillies are being probed, but it is a series of encounters that range from unidentified lights in the sky to encounters of high strangeness that defy reality and expectations.

I would argue that we need to put the "Unidentified" back into UFO. There are a lot of things that we know UFO's aren't, and it isn't really fair to say what they are. After taking in hundreds of hours of content, I can't conclude that there is an extra-terrestrial element to UFO's, but I absolutely believe there have been enough credible people with experiences to warrant scientific investigation.

On the other hand, there are a lot of misidentified objects, too. The picture to the left is Iowa's beautiful Capitol building, and it fits the criteria for your classic UFO photo. There are parts of the picture that are out of focus, and there are multiple unknown lights in the sky over the building. This picture is 100% not edited, but there is no UFO in the shot. The lights at the bottom of the frame have a reflection in my lens protector, and that creates the UFO in the top right hand of the picture. Many people can easily make this deduction, but I would think a couple of folks were fooled. It fooled me immediately after taking the picture. I didn't see the reflections in the shot, and I didn't see any actual objects similar to the lights in the sky, but it still made me think twice while reviewing the picture.

When one witnesses a UFO, what makes a person qualified to define an object unidentified? How many objects can people immediately identify in the sky?

How many objects can you identify?

Absolute knowledge is absolutely dangerous. When it comes to UFO's, consider that there is so much of the universe that we don't understand. Maybe at this point, it doesn't matter if they are extra-terrestrial, it just matters that we learn what is in the sky and we know what is actually unidentified.

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