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The Strange Goodnight

Goodnight Waterworld

Tip: Round table discussion starts at around the 15 minute mark if you want to skip the minisode.

Human beings have always had fascination with water. I think there has been a love-hate relationship for the entire existence of maritime exploration. There have been stories of the unknown that we encounter on the water. We've tangled with giant monsters, sea gods, disappearing islands, deep sea exploration, and even found some of these things aren't as lost as we thought. I remember when that scientist from Japan captured live video of a giant squid, but no sooner had we established the existence of one creature when we'd moved on to another. The colossal squid (larger by mass) was just around the corner, and there is still a thought that are larger, more mythical creatures lurking still.

Most of the earth's surface is made up of water. Is it any real wonder that there would be a large number of disappearances? Is there any real reason to think that people simply make mistakes and sometimes pay for them with their life, or is there really weirdness to blame? Can the ocean swallow an entire continent without any evidence to show for it?

In the end, maybe humans aren't built for water and it will always be an illusive mystery just out of reach.










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