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Goodnight Krampus & UFO Curses!

Welcome to Season Three of the Strange Goodnight!

On this Episode Joe and I talk about Krampus, the documentary Curse of the Man Who Sees UFO's, and establish a rating system for the Strange Goodnight.

December disappeared quickly and I didn't expect G'night News to be the last episode of the year. Joe and I recorded this episode in early December, but I wasn't able to get everything finished before the new year. To keep an established timeline, I decided to just have this episode be the start of the new season.

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Goodnight Hue

In this episode, we hear some great stories from Joe's coworker, Hue. We get a couple good bigfoot sightings, some fun ghost stories, and a pretty crazy UFO sighting.

These are some of our favorite stories we've covered on the show, they really embody that there are crazy things that are being experienced by normal people.

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