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Goodnight Cattle Mutilation

It's a mysterious thing to think that something out there is mutilating livestock. Humans do well enough and have access enough that it is bizarre to think that someone is going to a lot of trouble to engage with these animals in such specific and troubling ways. What do you think is going on? Is it strange or is it time to say goodnight?

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Goodnight Mothman

This is the full round table discussion on the Mothman! Andy, Joe, Karin, and Darren welcome guest host Mark Swinerton to the show and they breakdown one of the most famous unknown creatures. This episode starts with the Mothman Minisode dropped earlier in July. You can start right with the conversation at around 9:30 in the episode.

One of the great monster stories starts in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. It has been identified as angel, owl, and an ultraterrestrial  being.

What do you think? Strange or Goodnight?

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Goodnight Minisode - Mothman

With this episode, the Strange Goodnight moves on to a new Volume of episodes. The past few months have brought a lot of change for the podcast. I'm still working on issues with podcast syndication, and along with that is an episode plan that means each month will bring two episode drops. The first will be a minisode that is centered around the discussion topic that will make up the full episode that will drop at the end of a month.

This will give the one listener a chance to send some questions, comments, or ideas between episodes, and also give hosts a chance to be acquainted with the subject matter of the show that they may not always be familiar with.

You will find that there will be more written content, more shared content from other sites, and some other new things that will be rolled out in the next few months.

This is all still just a hobby, so be patient. We'll all get there together!

Have a wonderful day and a Strange Goodnight.


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