The Strange Goodnight is a series about all things unknown.

New Year - New Goodnight

The Strange Goodnight is going to make some new turns in year 4! Look to find the first series of episodes to be release in June 2019. Year 4 will focus on the inter-connectivity of paranormal phenomena. You’ll find the things that go bump in the night may be closer to the unidentified lights in the sky than you originally thought.

Lock your doors. Tuck yourself in tight. You’re in for a Strange Goodnight.


Art by Sarah Kargol

A lot of the featured artwork is either free use photos, posters associated a movie featured on an episode, or they are pictures photographed by me, but the Volume 2 logo is designed using a piece of artwork from Oskaloosa Area Artist Sarah Kargol.

The piece is called Halo (to the left) is part of a visual art collection called "Cirques

The collection really stuck out to me as looking very crop circle-like in make up. While considering a redesign for Volume 2, I knew I wanted to use local artwork and have something different from the normal black and dark paranormal artworks and this piece really helped change up the visual aesthetic.

Huge SHOUT OUT to Sarah Kargol!
You can follow her on Facebook and Twitter.