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Theatre Education Director

Theatre Education Director

The George Daily Auditorium is the performing arts venue operated from the 501(c)3 organization Friends of the Auditorium. The auditorium brings in 5 to 6 professional touring productions from around the country every year. Andy oversees the Daily's year-round theatre education program as the Education Director.

Andy is responsible for designing and administrating all aspects of programming, including designing most of the promotional material. He implements the majority of the educational content designed, serves as a liaison between the school districts in Mahaska County and the Daily, and organizes professional workshops for students when professional touring companies visit. 

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Design Work

Andy designs all the promotional materials for the Youth Theatre. Almost everything is new for each program or season and is designed to try to catch the eyes of adults and children to pique interest in the program.


Beyond theatre camp

Andy also works as a stage director and adjunct instructor for William Penn University. As a stage director, he is responsible for all aspects of the production: directing; designing; hanging and operating lights; designing, editing, and operating sound; designing and building sets; designing and distributing publicity; and  collecting props and costumes.

Often times, he incorporates college students in the process and helps them build these skills to use in their professional lives.